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We're running a number of shows, including two WP&C Society Bronze medal shows & one Silver medal show this year, starting with the Warm Up Show in April and ending with the Foal & Youngstock Show in November. 

Listings of our 2018 shows can be found below.


For you're convenience, you can now download our schedules & entry forms (below) to print & post.

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Click here for Judge Details for this year

Show Dates for 2018
March 4th
Annual General Meeting

64 Elwick View, Trimdon, Co. Durham, TS29 6JU(map)

April 16th
Warm Up Show
New Moors Equestrian Centre

New Moors Farm, Bishop Auckland, Durham, DL14 9NN. (map)

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May 13th
Spring BRONZE Medal Show (incl. Working Hunter Classes)
Richmond Equestrian Centre

Breckenbrough Farm, Brough Park, Catterick, Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL10 7PL(map)

Welsh Nationals ,
P(UK) ,
equifest ,
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August 19th
Summer SILVER Medal Show
Richmond Equestrian Centre

Breckenbrough Farm, Brough Park, Catterick, Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL10 7PL(map)

pdf entry form
November 10th
Foal-Youngstock and Ridden Show
West Park Arena

Tow Law, Co. Durham, DL13 4NR.(map) (Sat Nav)

pdf entry form
Christmas Party

All events have ridden M&M and Welsh Performance Medals and Summer event will have WHP.


  1. All animals to be registered in the appropriate studbook.   All registration numbers must be stated on the entry form.
  2. The committee reserve the right to cancel or amalgamate any class or classes.
  3. The committee reserve the right to refuse any entry.
  4. On no account is any animal to be exhibited under a judge who is known to have bred, leased, sold or produced that animal.
  5. All Colts and Stallions over 2 years old must be licensed with the appropriate breed society, correctly bitted with a snaffle type bridle and led by a handler who has attained their 14th birthday before the 1st January in the current year.
  6. All trophies remain the property of the NECWPCA and winners are responsible for their safe return.
  7. The judges decision is FINAL.
  8. Anyone conducting themselves in a disorderly manner will be asked to leave the Showground.
  9. Exhibitors must ensure all animals are sound.   If, in the opinion of the judge, any animal is considered unsound, the exhibitor may withdraw the exhibit from the class or ask for a vet to examine the animal.   If no vet. is available, the judge’s decision is final.   (All vet’s fees to be paid by exhibitor)
  10. Objections must be lodged in writing to the Secretary within thirty minutes of the disputed event.   A deposit of £30 must be paid, which will be returned if the objection is upheld.   The decision of the committee is FINAL.
  11. In the event of any dispute relating to the Association, the committee shall form a quorum of not less than five committee members in order to deal with that dispute. Their decision being final and binding without any appeal to law.
  12. It is recommended that all exhibitors have PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE.
  13. Correctly secured skull caps/riding hats to be worn by riders at all times when mounted and by children whilst in the ring.
  14. Exhibitors are reminded that all times are approximated.   Please have all exhibits forward in good time.   (NB The following rule no. 15)   Where an animal is entered in more than one class, the committee accepts no responsibility should they clash.
  15. Policy for closing classes: 

In Hand   - When the last pony/cob has done its individual trot.
Ridden    -  When the class goes into trot.

  1. Any animal thought to be suffering from any infectious or contagious disease will be asked to leave the showground immediately by the committee.
  2. No entry fee will be refunded unless a Veterinary Certificate is produced.
  3. All dogs must be kept on the lead at all times.
  4. All exhibitors must be conversant with the current rules set by the WPCS, P(UK), NPS & NECWPCA.
The Association, Committee, assistants or stewards shall be in no way held responsible for any loss, damage, injury howsoever caused.



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